Thursday, March 24, 2022

What I’m Watching: Life and Beth

Life and Beth: Season 1, Episode 9 “MRI” (B+)

Beth always has interesting encounters, and of course her MRI technician would be operating his first full solo effort and obsessing over his wannabe DJ career rather than encouraging her legitimate use of the panic button. Noting that her leg injury from the boating accident may have caused a lot of what ails her today was a great point, one that she’ll hopefully look into mending since that could explain plenty and help her move through the world in a much more comfortable way. It was quite an experience for her to be in the MRI machine, flashing back to memories of her mom beginning to have an affair with her best friend Liz’s dad and then a cycle of men coming in and out of her mother’s life and her getting way too attached. The fun that Beth and Ann had with their father when he taught them how to eat oysters with their hands was replaced by a cruel discipline from Liz’s dad when he brought them to a fancy restaurant and chastised them for not using the right forks. Jane did not like when Beth joked that she got a cat to replace their dad, and Beth’s follow-up comment that she always thought that she could do better was a surprising sentiment that seemed to earn a great deal of gratitude from her mother. I like that she’s now inspired to reconnect with Liz, and I hope we’ll get to see that reunion in the finale. It was strange not to see John at all in this hour, but it did feel something right since this is Beth’s story and he’s not necessarily central to it.

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