Thursday, March 17, 2022

What I’m Watching: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: Season 4, Episode 7 “Ethan... Esther… Chaim” (B+)

I do remember hearing that Milo Ventimiglia, the Emmy-nominated star of “This Is Us,” was going to be guest-starring on this show, and I would be genuinely surprised if it was just a mostly non-speaking role, one which involved just as much dialogue for Sarah Stiles from “Billions,” who played his furious wife. That story didn’t figure too much into the episode until later on, when Midge was batting a thousand and showing that she could indeed adapt her material to a specific audience, delighting Jackie Kennedy and all of her friends and supporters by commenting on how annoying it was that she was so perfect. But she had to give in to her less polished impulses and tell a story that wasn’t even as cringe-worthy or awful as some of her typical material, but which managed to make Jackie cry. Even Susie didn’t know about that gig, and I’m sure it won’t lead to any referrals. But Susie, in letting Dinah choose the place she was going to get fired, did enable her to prove her worth, and allow her to have multiple successful clients other than Midge and Sophie. While I’m not sure hypnosis works quite as well as it did during Alfie’s slam-dunk act, it was a treat to see Marin Hinkle performing Midge’s act word-for-word, offending everyone in the audience and making it so that she can never work again, even after Abe got intimidated by the women in his cigar shop. Midge didn’t take the news about Mei being pregnant all that well, and Moishe may have just landed himself in the hospital or worse out of shock. But the most worrisome people who have yet to find out are the ones who scared Nicky and Frank off of Mei’s trail: her parents.

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