Tuesday, March 22, 2022

What I’m Watching: Severance

Severance: Season 1, Episode 6 “Hide and Seek” (B+)

The most jarring moment of this episode was the one in Dylan’s closet at his house, where Milchick apparently felt that it was important enough to get the information about where he put the card he took, and which revealed a few very important things. Dylan, who’s the least serious of the whole group at work, has a son, and now that’s something he’s going to be aware of when he goes back to work, which will only make him less productive and more suspicious of his circumstances. As significant is the fact that there’s a way to switch them at any point, not just when they ride the elevator at the office. Harmony was not pleased with how Milchick was slow to handle things, and it does feel like a lot of this could have been resolved with some more monitoring, not just the construction we saw at the end which made it look like everything was going to be much more restrictive. It’s hard to know how much is purposely calculated and how much really is an instance of not enough staffing, like Mark running into Ms. Casey as he was headed into the break room, which was unsettling but not necessarily intentional. Outside of work, Mark is opening up to the idea of Lumon being a bad thing, and now he’s directly meeting someone who’s sure to open his eyes even more. It can’t be a good sign that Devon’s mysterious new friend has very explicit connections to Lumon that are making her nervous about things, and they don’t even have any idea that Harmony is the biggest threat of all.

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