Tuesday, March 15, 2022

What I’m Watching: Big Sky

Big Sky: Season 2, Episode 11 “Do No Harm” (C-)

It’s hard to understand why Wolf thinks he has any leverage at the moment since he could very easily just be arrested for false imprisonment, and he readily admitted that he made a deal with the syndicate to get Ronald, who he was supposed to give back to them when he was done. Asking Cassie what it felt like for her to shoot his brother in the head made him seem more like the impulse-driven, obsessive Ronald than the careful and calculating character we have previously known him to be. I still don’t get why Ronald is still alive, since I think that this show could easily move on from him the same way it has from other characters, especially since both Rick and Horst were much more compelling villains. Now Ronald is delirious enough that he’s hallucinating Rick being in the car with him rather than Scarlet and Phoebe, and this show gets another talented guest star in the form of Benito Martinez from “The Shield” as the doctor who will now be forced at gunpoint to treat Ronald at his home. Jenny is being quite reckless about where she’s coming to see Travis, and the fact that Verr didn’t trust him anyway is not a good sign. Verr knows that Ren is smarter and more capable than her brother but refuses to honor her initiative and skill. Bob going rogue is bad news for everyone, and leaving Max and Rachel tied up right near a bunch of power tools and other sharp objects nearly led to their escape, though now he’s likely to be angrier and more unhinged following their unsuccessful attempt.

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