Saturday, March 26, 2022

What I’m Watching: Superman and Lois

Superman and Lois: Season 2, Episode 8 “Into Oblivion” (B)

It’s nice to see a good balance of universe-impacting seriousness and humorous parenting techniques in the same hour, with Clark and Lois cutely playing rock, paper, scissors to determine which of them had to start the conversation with their sons. Jordan’s developing powers came in handy, first when he heard Candace being threatened and then rushed to the scene to take down Jonathan’s inhaler-enhanced assailant. It’s just a shame that he decided it would be better to skip meeting Aubrey since he couldn’t explain the bruises he had rather than show up no matter what, since this could be a breaking point in his newly-rekindled relationship, one that could likely have led to a worthwhile three-way friendship if he had just been there. It’s an adjustment for Lana and Kyle to not be together at the moment, and even if it came out in the form of very legitimate resentment, it was helpful that he was there to coach her on how to answer obnoxious questions. Ally trying to travel through to the other world was a formidable and frightening undertaking, and it didn’t end the way it appeared when Lucy revealed her true reason for returning. At least she didn’t kill her father, but it’s still a bad sign that she was willing to pretend things were normal in order to drug him and take his access card. What Anderson experienced was jarring enough, and being sent back with a message from the other Ally was a trippy moment that indicates just how powerful she can be if her plan works.

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