Saturday, March 19, 2022

What I’m Watching: The Gilded Age

The Gilded Age: Season 1, Episode 8 “Tucked Up in Newport” (B+)

In the same hour that George got great news and found all charges against him dismissed, Bertha experienced a considerable humiliation, and the fact that it was featured as the final scene of the episode seems to indicate that she’s going to be on the warpath. Things were not looking good at all for George, but then it was Marian who overheard a name and tried to be a good Samaritan, inadvertently revealing that George’s primary accuser might have a reason for accusing him of doing something he hadn’t. Bertha, on the other hand, was doing well at the start, even managing to be a part of Mrs. Fish’s big event. I was happy to see Ashlie Atkinson from “Mr. Robot” in this role, since she’s always great but this fit her particularly well. Being escorted out through the servants’ entrance amid the chickens when Mrs. Astor got home reminded Bertha of how much she doesn’t yet fit in with this group, and there will be hell to pay for that offense. John showing up when Oscar had explicitly asked him not to suggests that relationship is going to come out sooner than later, and we also got some sentimental information about Jack’s past relating to a real-life tragic fire that killed many. Agnes preempting Armstrong’s efforts to get rid of Peggy was a nice sign of support, but not dismissing her and instead forcing Peggy, who revealed her big secret, to leave was unkind. I’m also curious about the drama with Monsieur Baudin and Watson, though it’s hard to know how much will get resolved in the finale and what will have to wait for next season.

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