Wednesday, March 23, 2022

What I’m Watching: Life and Beth

Life and Beth: Season 1, Episode 5 “Fair” (B+)

After Beth’s transformative night, we got to see the effect of her throwing out her boots and then start then day off even earlier than planned when John called her to wake her before 6am. I love how literal John is, asking her not to dunk her head since it would pollute the entire sample and then stating, quite unexpectedly, that they are obviously so attracted to each other but that they work together. Finding out that Katie hates the outside suggests that she and John really aren’t a great pair, while John obviously makes Beth feel good and more seen than she has in the past by any man. Planning to watch “Fear” together on his computer since he doesn’t have a TV or Internet was specific and indicative of them spending more time together, but that may have changed after what started as a wonderful evening with him paying close attention to what she wanted turned into her feeling betrayed since there was indeed a man inside the house. I did enjoy Beth’s banter with the mean kid who was cheating at the game, and her desire to get his mom’s number even after finding out their relationship was definitely awkward. I’m intrigued by the presence of Shlomo and his healthy relationship to Judaism – and apparently communication during sex – and how Beth and others approach him. Beth’s conversation with her friends where she compared herself to a sea otter having sex with a slab of marble was also entertaining.

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