Monday, March 28, 2022

What I’m Watching: Big Sky

Big Sky: Season 2, Episode 13 “The Shipping News” (C-)

It seems like it’s remarkably difficult to kill someone on this show, though maybe that should have been obvious since Rick got shot in the head by Cassie with nothing to obstruct her aim and still managed to survive before someone else ended his life in a different way. So maybe it’s fitting that the same fate befell Wolf, who probably should have died based on his gunshot injuries in the three-way shootout but instead got suffocated by a plastic bag in the back of an ambulance because this all-powerful syndicate, who we haven’t seen doing anything else all season, was able to infiltrate a crime scene and take him out for execution. I thought Scarlet was dead but apparently that’s not the case, and I’m not sure why we have to continue following her. The teenagers who have been in focus this season got to have their farewell scene since they’re being dismissed from the storyline, and now things are turning much more sharply to the Bhullars and also the rogue undercover cop after them. It probably would have been helpful for Travis’ true motivations to have been mentioned by his handler to Jenny long ago, but that’s not how things seem to work on this show. I’m not sure what Tonya thought she could do by following a truck in her car which didn’t allow her to see what was in front of it, but, like Travis, quick thinking and a desire to exact violence on others apparently assuages the concerns of villains enough to buy more time. All the allegiances and partnerships are too intertwined to make sense, and, with Cassie and Poppernak out of commission, Jenny is going to be on her own to combat all the bad guys.

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