Tuesday, March 29, 2022

What I’m Watching: Severance

Severance: Season 1, Episode 7 “Defiant Jazz” (B+)

Mark didn’t exactly get more information in his meeting with the mystery woman who apparently put the chip in his head in the first place, and I would have loved to learn why Grainer was there pretending to be a friend who seemed to expect that Mark might recognize him. Instead, he got swiftly and bloodily killed by baseball bat, and Mark got given his keycard, which proved what Helly suspected all along, that the elevators weren’t actually monitored and that Milchick had to see something either in the moment or later on a camera to know that it happened. Dylan was understandably upset when Milchick refused to tell him anything more about what he had seen on the outside and expected him just to forget about it, and the brief serenity of the Music Dance Experience was interrupted when he lunged at and bit Milchick. When he shared with the rest of the team what he had experienced, Helly was ready to go and to prove her theories, and that was the perfect opportunity for Mark to show the card he happened to have found in his pocket. Irving was the only holdout, but a trip to see his old friend Burt, who was being forced to retire and being shown a video from his outie that underscored just how absurd the idea of severance is, was enough to get him to crack and be on board with burning the place to the ground. I’m certainly nervous to see what comes of this, and to unpack the photo Mark put back together after ripping it up, suggesting a much more relevant purpose for Ms. Casey than it had previously seemed. Harmony’s behavior is also getting more intense, and I’m very intrigued about her in-person meeting with the board that she demanded.

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