Monday, March 14, 2022

What I’m Watching: Our Flag Means Death

Our Flag Means Death: Season 1, Episode 5 “The Best Revenge Is Dressing Well” (B+)

This show has no shortage of great guest stars, and I was able to recognize both Nick Kroll and Kristen Schaal from their voices alone despite the heavy white makeup on their faces. These roles were surely fun to play, and it was a great opportunity for Blackbeard to see what high society is like and for Stede to come in at just the right moment to exact the kind of revenge that only an aristocrat can, using the patented technique of passive-aggression. This is probably a good sign for Stede, given that Blackbeard can appreciate him as an ally and isn’t just concerned with faking his own death so that he can retire from the pirate lifestyle with no one chasing after him. It was just as entertaining to see Frenchie come up with a pyramid scheme that helped him to take advantage of all the nobles, pretending that Oluwande was a member of Egyptian royalty. What Oluwande decided to do with the money that they stole was nice too, suggesting that these pirates aren’t nearly as bad as their profession makes them out to be. Back on the ship, Izzy was understandably unhappy about the lack of productivity and set his sights on Lucius, who, to be fair, is not the hardest worker and does plenty of complaining when Stede asks him to do basic tasks. But Izzy did meet his match in someone who was willing to put in as much effort as he needed to get out of doing manual labor when it might just have been easier to do what he was told in the first place.

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