Wednesday, June 8, 2022

What I’m Watching: Hacks

Hacks: Season 2, Episode 6 “The Click” (B+)

I enjoyed the opening scene with Deborah thinking that she might be able to use the fact that she was apparently descended from an important figure of the Salem Witch Trials, only to learn that it was one of the accusers who was responsible for the deaths of many innocent women. Kiki’s return changed the mood of the tour, which was helpful, though there was also another unannounced tagalong in the form of Nina. I love Jane Adams and I’m very happy that she came back in this context, showing up to pitch her MLM business and then getting upset with Ava that she didn’t support her for trying something new. Going to get pancakes for her rather than waking her up felt like an honest effort to be kind, and I liked Ava’s response to being told that she looked tired while she was sleeping. Deborah had quite the adventure with the younger man at the bar, and the best part was the reaction of one of his roommates to meeting the woman whose spice rack they had. Deborah processing that a different driver operated every Uber ride also made for a very funny scene, and trying to understand why her stalker had lost interest was moderately cringe-worthy. There’s something depressing about her discovery that she could just state things that happened in her life as jokes and choose to laugh at them, and while it might take a toll eventually, for now it seems to be doing the trick and the tour is very much back on track.

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