Tuesday, June 7, 2022

What I’m Watching: Better Call Saul (Mid-Season Finale)

Better Call Saul: Season 6, Episode 7 “Plan and Execution” (B+)

Due to some travel and other unforeseen circumstances, I didn’t have a chance to watch this episode until more than a week and a half after it premiered. I had seen a few tweets about how people were very worried for Kim and hoped that wouldn’t spoil too much, and even though I too am concerned, as I have been this whole time since we never saw her in “Breaking Bad,” this episode didn’t end how I thought it would. The final scene was one that brought together this show’s two separate threads in a way that just makes one of them seem so trivial. The execution of the plan to take down Howard went so spectacularly, with Howard starting off in a calm way, teaching the new guy how to keep dropped soda bottles from exploding with Chuck’s old trick, and then leading to him seeming like a raving madman who completely ruined the case. Having him show up to celebrate with the people who had bested him was awkward but could have led to a new chapter, and instead Lalo showed up and just shot Howard, making all of their efforts to have fun and take him down completely worthless. The episode also set up different expectations, with Gus seemingly the target for Lalo’s revenge and Mike concerned about protecting everyone else by making him look vulnerable. It’s a relief to know that this show still has more time to wrap up its story, with six more episodes beginning in July. It’s rare for a show’s final season to be its longest, and I’m glad it will have a chance to properly say goodbye to these characters. For now, let’s get Rhea Seehorn nominated for an Emmy this year and then again for the back half of the season!

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