Thursday, June 2, 2022

What I’m Watching: Gaslit

Gaslit: Season 1, Episode 4 “Malum in Se” (B+)

Dean really was feeling on top of the world at the start of this episode, and it didn’t take too long for him to realize that he didn’t enjoy quite the prized position in the Nixon administration that he thought he had earned. But he did do a remarkable job of stonewalling and ensuring that everyone from CREEP who was questioned by Angelo and Paul said absolutely nothing, which made for a hilarious montage of absurdity, showing just how little he wanted to cooperate with very simple asks that showed that they were clearly hiding something. History knowing now that it was Mark Felt who was secretly Deep Throat makes all this seem even wilder, since Gray was actively working to suppress the information that his agents were finding and Felt was just going straight to Woodward and Bernstein to tell them what was really happening. As usual, this show finds great talent to portray these people, with Reed Diamond from “The Shield” playing the part. I’m also happy to see the always terrific Marin Ireland as Judy Hoback, who went around Dean’s efforts to suppress her from sharing anything by telling the truth outside of the office. Sacrificing those who have been caught, like McCord, surely won’t lead to anything good, but the biggest problem Nixon might have right now is Martha. She’s understandably experiencing trauma from Peter’s treatment of her, and after a little encouragement, she’s ready to talk to the press. Her husband walking by her without even acknowledging her suggests that decision won’t be without consequences, but she seems very set on fighting back after being preemptively silenced.

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