Thursday, June 30, 2022

Round Two: Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel: Season 1, Episode 2 “Crushed” (B+)

This second episode preserved the excitement of the first while showing that having powers isn’t always easy or reliable. Testing out the limits of what could be possible was fun, and she definitely had some awesome moments when she stepped in to save the boy who fell from certain death. But she has yet to master her abilities and to figure out exactly where they came from, hence that surprising encounter that caused her to lose her concentration and resulted in him getting slightly hurt when he fell on the car. There’s obviously a lot of family history that plays into all of this, and we got to see some of that with what Muneeba didn’t want to share about her own upbringing and relationships. I enjoyed her asking Kamala if she didn’t eat anything or if she had eaten too much. Kamran seemed too perfect to be true, and I’ll admit that I didn’t expect him to actually be a nice guy but one with a much closer connection to what Kamala has become than she could have realized. Cleary and Deaver remain very intent on finding Kamala and don’t seem happy with the fact that she was able to escape. I do like that there are subplots here like Bruno not wanting to go to California for a prestigious program and Nakia playing politics to be able to get elected to the mosque board, ensuring that this isn’t just about Kamala’s powers but also about her entire life.

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