Thursday, June 2, 2022

Take Three: Ridley Road (Penultimate Episode)

Ridley Road: Season 1, Episode 3 (B+)

Vivien is acting in a fearless manner, gravitating very close to danger on a regular basis and not blinking. Her meeting with Fran├žoise was intense, first being asked if she was a nanny or a mistress and then accosted in a much more physical manner, and she played it coolly, coming back later to fix her makeup while she listened to crucial intelligence about the synagogue and the rabbi as the next targets. Dropping the salon business card wasn’t a great move since it showed too much of her actual life, and that combined with Stevie finding the white power rally flyer in her coat means there will be far too many eyes on her that she doesn’t need at the moment. Needing to provide a birth certificate for membership so that they know she is who she says she is feels like a truly supremacist move, though in this case it makes sense given that she’s actually someone else. Nettie confronting her about finding the prayer book didn’t go nearly as poorly as I would have thought, and she seemed more upset about the lying than any sin like being a Jew. That she asked about the myth of the sheet being used in “Jewish relations” demonstrated that she had more curiosity than hate within her, which is at least somewhat promising even if that doesn’t apply to Colin and his crew. Vivien is going all in now, getting closer to Colin than anyone else, ready to do whatever it takes to bring him down and protect her community.

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