Monday, June 6, 2022

What I’m Watching: Gaslit

Gaslit: Season 1, Episode 5 “Honeymoon” (B+)

I know some of the history of how this whole scandal played out but not enough to know who’s going to go down, though I’m pretty sure that this idea that only “leftist Democrats” are alleging criminality won’t continue to be the case, even if that’s what we’ve come to expect in modern society. Rightfully so, Martha is going all-in on her case against Nixon, accusing her of imprisoning her on a talk show and now, after catching her husband on the phone arranging a meet with his secretary, she’s ready to testify, which is sure to be damaging. The person this all looks worst for is Dean, who got sent to Camp David on a mini honeymoon of sorts only to be told to sign off on an investigative report he hadn’t even come close to properly preparing and to have it forced on him when he earlier said no thanks to Nixon’s announcement of it on television. I did enjoy the reactions Paul and Angelo had to Gray telling his whole staff that he had been leaking details of the investigation to its very targets, and Hamish Linklater’s Jeb Magruder ended up in quite the hot seat thanks to their newly-focused approach and his wife’s pizza-assisted desperation. Liddy did not do much to contain his fury and blow his cover by threatening to kill McCord in the courtroom, and his praising of someone who sounded a whole lot like Hitler to his family from behind the glass in jail was somehow as shocking as the gathered group that tried to gaslight John into thinking that none of them had ever met Liddy. What a mess this all is.

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