Sunday, June 12, 2022

What I’m Watching: The Boys (Season Premiere)

The Boys: Season 3, Episode 1 “Payback” (B+)

This is my first time watching this show along with most of the world, though getting through three episodes dropped all at once is taking me a little longer than everyone else since I’m also currently focused on Tribeca coverage. It’s interesting to see things in a much more docile state, with Hughie literally bumping into Homelander on the red carpet for the premiere of the new Seven movie, which recast the role of Stormfront while everyone else played their own parts. It was jarring, though I suppose it shouldn’t have been, to learn that Stormfront is still alive, and that Homelander only rejects the idea of a master race because he believes he’s superior to all. Stan putting forth the idea that Starlight could become the co-captain of the Seven is only going to escalate tension, and the fact that Homelander is trying to negotiate, in a way, with Butcher means that the world is truly upside down. That opening scene with Termite was quite intense and I wasn’t sure what was happening, but it just feeds into the notion that these superheroes are out of control and always seek to cover up their tracks rather than do the right thing in a bad situation. Seeing how close Hughie and Victoria have become made it seem like she might be taking a break from exploding people’s heads, but that final scene forced her to do so, which means Hughie may now be in a more dangerous circumstance than ever before. This should be one wild season.

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