Thursday, June 9, 2022

What I’m Watching: The Offer

The Offer: Season 1, Episode 7 “Mr. Producer” (B+)

Among the many obstacles to “The Godfather” being made in the first place, it’s crazy to think that Al Pacino’s questionable star power was one of them. I like that Francis knew exactly what to do with that and how to get him to up his game when Bludhorn was there watching, and he got the seal of approval from the man who apparently doesn’t like anybody, which is a very big deal. Working with the mob has his advantages and disadvantages, with Caesar freaking Bettye out when he brutally beat up her mugger and then figuring out an easy solution to the problem of the restaurant owner who wanted them out before they shot by locking him in a closet. Unfortunately, it also means that certain allies, like Joe getting shot during a rally by Gallo, who was able to reach an agreement with Carlo Gambino and then fired the gun while Ruddy looked on. In her visit to the set, Rosie couldn’t quite piece together what Ruddy really did, and I enjoyed her brief conversation with Bettye. Despite the apparent loss of Joe, Ruddy is in much better shape now, with Bludhorn’s seal of approval and toxic elements like Aram and Jack definitely dismissed from the set. Lenny also turned out to be just the right person to come in and take over a role, even if, like Brando, wasn’t going to be memorizing his lines. While the production is doing well, Evans is seeing his personal life implode, something that’s very much his fault.

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