Wednesday, June 1, 2022

What I’m Watching: Conversations with Friends

Conversations with Friends: Season 1, Episode 10 (B+)

Jemima Kirke is the least-featured member of this ensemble, and this episode gave her a great spotlight, which I very much appreciated. It’s such a different role than the one she played on “Girls,” and it was so interesting to hear how she approached the conversation about Frances’ affair with Nick. Asking her whether it was not her experience that Nick tells you what you want to hear had a very loaded tone, and describing Nick as pathologically passive wasn’t very flattering. Frances was right to express that she wasn’t sure why she was there, and, even though Melissa did feel betrayed because she had encouraged Nick’s friendship with Frances, she understood that Nick was ultimately happy and that it could be good for their relationship. Frances’ assessment that it was a revenge thing where she wanted her to know that she was permitting them to be together felt accurate, and Bobbi was up for the task of being the intermediary at the awkward dinner. Bobbi and Nick playing video games while Melissa asked Frances about her writing and her father being an alcoholic was not how I expected the night to go, and its ending was less uncomfortable than its start. It was a rollercoaster of emotions for Frances as she got her story published and got a frightening call from her father, but ultimately she ended up being the one comforting Bobbi after she lashed out at their friends with her ideas of monogamy. That kiss was intimate but may not mean much, though their relationship, in whatever form, is likely to be more enduring than anything with Nick or Melissa.

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