Saturday, June 4, 2022

What I’m Watching: The Flight Attendant

The Flight Attendant: Season 2, Episode 7 “No Exit” (B+)

This was an intense episode, one that gave us a few major developments and leaves some even more spectacular question marks going into the finale. I like that Annie expressed that she now gets why Cassie never listened to her, and it was great to watch Shane’s reaction as Cassie blew his cover to Annie and Max after he made it abundantly clear that she had to stop telling people. Annie and Max did have success in their endeavor, running into Gabrielle and Esteban at the pier and then getting the drop on them. Tasing them was therapeutic, but getting the ring back and putting their engagement back on track was the more significant part of it. While Shane was happy to help Cassie despite her refusal to listen to him at any point, he didn’t seem open at all to reconsidering his stance on Megan, who needs whatever friends she can get now that she has a North Korean in her trunk and nowhere to turn. It’s still hard to figure out who’s really on Cassie’s side, with Dot seemingly looking out for her and Benjamin apparently motivated by something else, and all we really got was that brief standoff with Benjamin and Shane on the pier while Cassie was on the ride. Encountering so many different versions of herself in the same outfit was claustrophobic, but that wasn’t nearly as crazy as what Cassie experienced when Grace showed up on the ride with her. Finding out that Benjamin had been stabbed and that Grace was the one impersonating her was dizzying enough, and now she’s next to a dead body for the second time but in a much more public place.

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