Friday, June 3, 2022

What I’m Watching: The Flash

The Flash: Season 8, Episode 15 “Into the Still Force” (B-)

I’m starting to lose interest in what’s going on, and the fact that there’s a slight hiatus before this show continues running into late June seems entirely unnecessary, just prolonging it even more. I’m also disappointed that this show is going to get a wrap-up final season while “Legends of Tomorrow,” which has very much earned its right to be on the air so many years into its run, won’t. I’ll be honest that I also don’t quite understand the still force and how XS is able to exist and just travel back in time so excited to see everyone when, in theory, she could just travel back at any point with the powers that she has. But the bigger question mark continues to be Iris’ time sickness, which might be the result of someone actively working against her or just time doing its thing, if that’s even possible. Now that Iris and her repeat disappearing act are finally the focus of everyone’s attention, it’s going to be problematically distracting from the dark road Caitlin is planning to take with Mark to bring Frost back to life, something that likely isn’t going to go well. Mark was clearheaded enough to point out that she had just tried to do the same thing with Ronnie and that hadn’t turned out well at all. There’s also Chester being worried that he was a supervillain, only to clear himself of any wrongdoing when in fact someone was hacking into his computer for presumably nefarious purposes.

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