Saturday, June 4, 2022

What I’m Watching: Made for Love

Made for Love: Season 2, Episode 7 “Under Open Sky” (B+)

Who would have thought that Bennett would be the one to save the day and realize what happened with Hazel and Byron? Byron complimenting him and then giving him a hug was a tremendous red flag, and the timing worked out well that Jasper had just rescued Fiffany and Herringbone from their horrible purgatory. Bennett does deserve some credit since he was the one who kept them in the pasture cube to begin with, and the only question mark is why he’s been so loyal to the real Byron all along, which puts his goodness in question. I enjoyed that Jasper attempted to shield his houseguests from Anydoors before she clarified that she was able to see them there and that she couldn’t process what to do when he asked her just to trust him. Herbert’s desire to end his life now that he thinks Hazel is happy was a nice enough sentiment, if it wasn’t actually a different version of his daughter who had taken over her body and therefore not her being at peace at all. Saying goodbye to Diane was a very touching moment, though I do think that Bennett being the one to take custody of her is a punishment whose cruelty he doesn’t quite realize. His departure was actually quite peaceful, but seeing Hazel running towards them and comprehending that she didn’t make it in time was a heartbreaking moment that will very certainly put her on the warpath in her battle to get her body back in the finale.

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