Saturday, June 11, 2022

What I’m Watching: Hacks

Hacks: Season 2, Episode 7 “On the Market” (B+)

Of course Deborah owns a side mansion, something that she hasn’t been able to sell because, like with most aspects of her life, she refuses to compromise. She’s also acutely not aware of how bad things are with her career, namely that Michael wanted to have 98-year-old Mort take her on as a client since he thought Jimmy was wasting his time. His quitting scene wasn’t quite as dramatic as Ari Gold’s big exit on “Entourage,” but it was still pretty formidable, and I like that Kayla said she was coming with him even though he really didn’t want her to, and his pick to join his team, Silas, refused to do so because he had gotten a promotion that Jimmy admitted he deserved. Susie Essman’s Elaine probably also isn’t the best choice to work with Deborah on her special since she seems to be even more set in her ways, which include eating pancakes with a spoon because it apparently yields a better syrup-to-pancake ratio. I thoroughly enjoyed the cringe-worthiness of Ava going back to her condo and sleeping with her subletter, who enjoyed the flirting at first but wasn’t so into it in the morning when Ava once again got told she looked tired while she was sleeping and had slept in until the afternoon. Ava’s legal prospects don’t sound great, especially since her lawyer only agreed to meet with her if she would simultaneously give her son comedy advice. Elaine not bothering to tell Ava about her ideas is also not going to make for a good working relationship.

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