Thursday, June 2, 2022

Take Three: I Love That For You

I Love That For You: Season 1, Episode 3 “#JoannaStrong” (B+)

I enjoyed the opportunity to see Jason Schwartzman back as Ethan at the start of this episode, rubbing his new girlfriend in Joanna’s face before a fan wanted a picture with her and then holding four boxes of condoms as he proposed with an insanely shiny ring. This did propel her to try to make things happen with Jordan, which was an uncomfortable series of events that found her being way too into Jordan’s band’s show and marketing it to a much wider audience that he wanted. Fortunately, after initially lashing out because he was overwhelmed by the size of the crowd, it all ended up being pretty wonderful, and they even almost got to kiss! Patricia pushing a cancerthon is only going to make things more complicated since the truth will inevitably come to light. She also has a tremendous social media following now that she’s on the show, and while that consists mostly of adoring fans, they’ll also surely do some research into her background that could be revealing. I like the spotlight on some of the supporting characters, like Patricia, who has her butler deliver a gift basket to her overnight houseguests, and Darcy, who is planning to go to a wedding and didn’t get quite the emotional support he might have liked from his friend Beth Ann. I also liked Joanna’s reaction to being forced to Venmo a coworker a dollar for eating her personal fruit without realizing it, apparently something that happens quite often there.

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