Sunday, June 12, 2022

What I’m Watching: Hacks (Season Finale)

Hacks: Season 2, Episode 8 “The One, The Only” (B+)

There wasn’t too much drama in this finale and it didn’t end on a big cliffhanger, but it still felt very worthwhile and sets the stage for a season three I’d come back to right away. Eight episodes doesn’t feel long enough for a show this good, but at least this round was just as good as the first one. It’s crazy that Deborah would need to spend so much money at an auction in order to get Marty’s attention and then to trade him for the privilege of using the venue she so desperately needed. Ming-Na Wen’s Janet reappeared as a threat intent on taking all of Jimmy’s clients, including Deborah and not including Ava, who would still want her to know who she was even if she wasn’t going to switch representation, but Deborah didn’t seem like she was ever considering going with something different even if she received her politely. The soda-drinking man next to Jimmy dying during the show was also a road bump that he wisely chose to spin as a survival story that no one would ask questions about in the moment, leading to a taping so successful that it was apparently the subject of a bidding war from all the networks. Ava coming back in the middle of her side gig was all the confirmation Deborah needed to let her go so that she could do well, and her dropping the lawsuit just raises the question of what reason they’ll have to interact going forward. I like that Marcus got some closure related to his breakup with Wilson, and even though Kayla is still out of control, she’s actually doing decent things for Jimmy. I really like this show, and can’t wait for a renewal announcement!

Season grade: A-
Season MVP: Jean Smart and Hannah Einbinder

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