Sunday, June 26, 2022

What I’m Watching: Gaslit (Penultimate Episode)

Gaslit: Season 1, Episode 7 “Year of the Rat” (B)

In keeping with many other second-to-last installments, this hour started with a flashback to much better times, when Mitchell first met Martha and was much more enamored that he now finds himself. Previously, we had seen him express restraint and disappointment in her for meddling in affairs that he didn’t think were her business, and now he’s absolutely terrible, choking her and celebrating that, for once, he couldn’t hear her. It’s the ultimate sign of how he’s exactly like what he pretended not to be, putting on a publicly supportive face but being even more judgmental and controlling than anyone else. Ensuring that she wouldn’t have an audience at her testimony was particularly cruel, and leaving with their daughter was the worst blow he could have dealt. This episode did take a turn for the maniacal when it showed Martha’s despair and then checked in with Liddy in jail, who was going a bit stir-crazy and trying to outsmart the animals around him via his toilet and other weapons at his disposal. Dean and Mo posing for Playboy and talking about everything as if they had won got a devastating reality check when he found out that he was still likely going to have to serve five years behind bars, another instance of how bad behavior isn’t rewarded simply because someone else was even badder. I’m eager and curious to see how this all ends since I haven’t done any digging into the history of how things panned out for everyone involved.

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