Wednesday, June 8, 2022

What I’m Watching: Hacks

Hacks: Season 2, Episode 5 “Retired” (B+)

It’s always nerve-wracking when Deborah runs into someone since it’s very possible that she did something to ruin that person’s life or make them hate her. I was excited to recognize the always terrific Harriet Sansom Harris as Susan, whose career Deborah believed she had ended prematurely by erasing her name from a finalists list. It didn’t help that Deborah relented in her effort to let her opponent win in the game at the fair and ended up letting her eagerness not to be upstaged get the best of her, but fortunately there was more depth to the relationship than that. I was worried that Deborah would be horrified by the judgement implied in the fact that she decided to retire because of something associated with Deborah’s parenting abilities, but it ended up making for a worthwhile reunion and a decent goodbye. I thoroughly enjoyed Ava’s antics when Deborah wanted to buy her clothes and how she and Marcus both weren’t able to come up with any hobbies for the very frustrated cartoonist. Her panicking on the ride and threatening first a bomb and then diarrhea was amusing, and Deborah knew what to do to get her in the right frame of mind by holding her in the water. Kayla coming in to work on a Saturday because she was on top of Jimmy’s schedule for once made for an unexpectedly tender weekend workday that was only mildly inappropriate with her trying to make him an alcoholic drink to relax. Needing to look up what coverage on scripts meant when he gave her some new responsibility and lamenting that she had already booked her ticket to the dentist were among my favorite moments.

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