Saturday, June 4, 2022

What I’m Watching: Hacks

Hacks: Season 2, Episode 4 “The Captain’s Wife” (B+)

You always have to wonder how mistakes get made like the one that happened here with Deborah being booked on a lesbian cruise instead of a gay men’s cruise. What was very sweet is that, even after all the misery she endured and the humiliation of being voted off of the boat, Deborah instantly forgave Marcus and invited him to come on tour with them. That likely means the end of Weed’s presence, which isn’t going to be bad given how disruptive she’s been, but Laurie Metcalf has been a sincerely entertaining part of the past few episodes. It will be good for Marcus too, given that his younger friends call him Gru and he had a rather unfortunate and embarrassing run-in with Wilson. Ava’s newfound sobriety was challenged by the apparent lack of existence of land rules out at sea, and she didn’t actually do anything she would regret, though she almost had the chance to engage in a threesome that would have made her very happy. Deborah, on the other hand, got off to an okay start when she got up on stage to sing and then everyone was finally ready to give her a chance, but then she went off-the-rails by picking on an audience member who just wasn’t having it. The whole set from that point on was quite cringe-worthy, and her defense that it wasn’t a lesbian joke but a woman joke didn’t help much either. The molly hitting Ava as they were in the dingy was a funny way to end this ordeal.

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