Tuesday, May 17, 2022

What I’m Watching: Hacks (Season Premiere)

Hacks: Season 2, Episode 1 “There Will Be Blood” (B+)

I’m so happy that one of last year’s best new comedies is back again so soon, and this opener indicates that we’re in for a very entertaining ride. Ava did somehow manage to make things worse when she called Kirby Howell-Baptiste’s writer and she kindly offered to hang up the phone so she would stop sharing information that was just as damaging as everything she had put in her email that she so idiotically closed by signing away her permission to use it. Jimmy’s suggestion that she throw her phone in the ocean wasn’t a bad one, though he’s also having to get creative giving the fact that the HR administrator played by a hilariously deadpan Martha Kelly isn’t able to punish Kayla for the truly shocking things she continues saying that most definitely continue sexual harassment in the workplace. I like that the relationship between Deborah and DJ is evolving, and that Deborah even warmed to the idea of liking her son-in-law. Walking over to pump him up right before he was about to lose was a cool moment turned into a frightening one when she ended up covered in blood and cheering for his upset victory. Ava is right to be worried about what she might do, even if shooting a paintball gun at her replacement’s giant hotel-side ad isn’t the most terrifying thing. It’s too bad that Marcus and Wilson are no more, and hopefully Marcus won’t wallow too much in his sadness before finding someone else.

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