Monday, May 30, 2022

What I’m Watching: Candy (Series Finale)

Candy: Season 1, Episode 5 “The Fight” (B)

I’ve been feeling this way a lot lately with limited series based on true stories, that the first few episodes are riveting and involving, and then the final installment just sort of peters out without the same intensity and intrigue. I also hadn’t done any research about this case in real life and had assumed that Candy had been convicted for the murder and would still be serving time in jail, but this is yet another unsolved mystery where there are many theories about what really happened with just one living person actually aware of the truth. It’s also a fascinating aspect of the legal system, that even Candy’s lawyers admitted that she did it, but because they were arguing self-defense, that constituted innocence. Betty standing up in the courtroom and exclaiming “That’s it?” was a fitting depiction of the general response to the case, one that was highly sensational and involved an extraordinary degree of violence, whether or not that was sparked by Betty as the aggressor. Candy’s nonchalance after she had admitted to killing Betty was the most unsettling part, serving snacks to her lawyer and friends as if things were normal. The idea that Candy has now relocated, changed her name, and is working as a mental health counselor is not comforting, since you’d think that anyone who bludgeons another person to death may not be in the best position to advise others on how to work through their own complex emotions and sentiments. But, understanding now the true story and what remains a question mark, I think this series did a solid job of bringing it to life and dwelling in the perplexing ambiguity.

Series grade: B+
Series MVP: Jessica Biel as Candy

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