Wednesday, May 11, 2022

What I’m Watching: Big Sky

Big Sky: Season 2, Episode 16 “Keys to the Kingdom” (C)

It's hard to know who the villain is supposed to be on this show since right now the person causing the most bodily harm is Richard, who's merely doing what law enforcement isn't and knocking down doors to get the answers he needs to make the people who got his son killed pay. That did involve some collateral damage in the form of Tubb, who, like his deputy, appears to be perfectly fine despite sustaining a relatively serious wound. It's not a good moment for the good guys with Bryce revealed to be Cassie's informant and then killed by Tonya in an apparent show of loyalty to the Bhullar family, cementing her status as someone willing to do anything for those in power. That could help Travis since his cover remains intact and he's now been promoted, but Alicia's interference isn't likely to deter Jenny, putting her back in the crosshairs of the cartel. I'm glad that Alicia has more to her than just a selfie-taking trophy wife, and that she's ready to prove her relevance to her partner's children who severely underestimated her. Amid all this chaos, somehow there's still room for not just a romance but a love triangle, one that didn't end well for Jerrie and isn't reflecting all that well on Mark either. It’s easy to forget that, while Cassie’s father is just the latest casualty this cast of characters has experienced, it hasn’t been all that long since Cody got killed, a relatively traumatic event that no one seems to remember.

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