Monday, May 2, 2022

What I’m Watching: Made for Love

Made for Love: Season 2, Episode 2 “We’re Losing Time” (B+)

It really didn’t take much time for Herbert to figure out that something wasn’t right, even if his main indicator was his ability to get an erection at an unusual time of day. He did the math and Hazel went right ahead and gaslit him, but that disappearing medication which Bennett had to return late at night did the trick, and even though he doesn’t have that frozen finger anymore, he saw him stepping away into a portal, which tells him he has to investigate his reality. I was thrilled to see Patti Harrison back as Bengals, who was more than willing to accept the money that she was offered to show up at the Hub and then did a tremendous job of distracting Byron with questions when Hazel snuck off to go talk to Jasper. Byron was surprisingly intent on answering those questions in a way that was at least direct if not honest, and I wish we had seen more of Bennett and Bengals interacting. Hazel was fortunately not too obvious about knowing Jasper, whose height was the only thing that caught Byron’s attention, and it was excellent timing for Byron to finally decide to start respecting her privacy when he showed up to her space and would have seen Jasper had he come right in. Digital Hazel and Digital Byron have made concerning progress in developing self-awareness, with Hazel creating clothes and Byron realizing that he could create a door, one that many allow them to access whatever the Hub is considered.

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