Friday, May 6, 2022

What I’m Watching: Ozark

Ozark: Season 4, Episode 12 “Trouble the Water” (B+)

Opening this episode with Charlotte and Jonah coming to pick Marty and Wendy up after their violent altercation in traffic at the end of the previous installment was an intriguing choice since the end showed how Nathan managed to succeed in convincing them to leave. It turns out that getting Mel his old job back by giving the man with the power to do so a boat didn’t matter at all since the judge was ready to rule without that, considering factors like their very recent arrest and the fact that Jonah already lived at a motel away from his parents. Nathan didn’t want to listen to Wendy begging him to change his mind, and even if that was a performance, the sentiment behind it was not, and seeing how she immediately injured herself by banging her head against the car door shows how she, like Marty, has now reached a place she’s never been before which will make her do anything to keep what she was. There’s been no opportunity to approach Navarro about Camila’s allegiances, and he just wants more, something that’s going to push Marty and Wendy to a breaking point given everything else that’s already weighing on them. Ruth almost didn’t know what to herself with her criminal record expunged, and now there’s going to be little stopping her from moving forward. Having someone else go down for Wyatt’s murder may prove to be a distraction, and there’s still a lot more that can happen in the final two episodes.

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