Sunday, May 8, 2022

What I’m Watching: Mr. Mayor

Mr. Mayor: Season 2, Episode 8 “Titi B.” (B)

The entire episode, I was convinced that this vapid influencer’s name was spelled TTB, but I guess I’m not tuned in enough to the social media world to understand that it would instead be her first name and last initial. This show is always over-the-top and absurd, and this wasn’t my favorite use of that even if it was fun to see Neil flail and be so upset about the fact that he was somehow in the wrong when she was making ridiculous and unreasonable demands. Orly being obsessed with her and what her phone case was didn’t help, and she was extremely disappointed that he said “cheese” as they were about to take a picture and upset her terribly. Being asked if Neil had the power to give her the Lakers as an apology only get him angrier given that he wanted to focus on the announcement of his space elevator, and he reached a certain level of acceptance of the situation once she made it clear that she wanted her support to be bought since she expected to get paid for everything, particularly her all-important endorsement. If only Arby’s could kill cows fast enough to keep up with its demand. Arpi’s media blitz was an absolute disaster, and even though that Jayden usually isn’t much better with social interactions, his excessive politeness did go very far. Now he’s on board as her campaign manager, something that’s not going to sit well with Neil and is almost certain to pull him apart inside.

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