Tuesday, May 17, 2022

What I’m Watching: Made for Love

Made for Love: Season 2, Episode 5 “You’re Not the First” (B+)

It felt too easy that Byron would just give in to Hazel’s desire to spend some time in the real world and see where he grew up in Montana. Aaron was predictably combative, explaining how Byron turned into the person he was, but unfortunately what Hazel didn’t see coming was that Aaron, who pretended to be concerned about her by letting her know that she wasn’t the first, was actually working to protect his brother’s best interests. Now the FBI isn’t going to have any idea where to look for the Hub, though Hazel may continue to step up her game in trying to exact control over him like she did in his childhood bedroom. Hazel’s bigger obstacle is going to be Other Hazel, who managed to get through to Herbert and convince him that Byron had replaced the her he knew so that she was able to download into Dr. Hau’s body. That process was entertaining to watch but ultimately it’s a very worrisome development, and Judiff’s intense search for Herbert may help Other Hazel break out of the Hub and get into the real real world. It’s also interesting to watch what’s going on with Fiffany and Herringbone as they continue to go deeper into their memories, while Jasper is starting to dream about Zelda in an unusual manner. I enjoyed Paula Abdul’s AI hologram Anydoors trying to help him deal with his awoken state, a small but humorous element of the invented digital world of this show.

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