Friday, May 6, 2022

What I’m Watching: Ozark

Ozark: Season 4, Episode 11 “Pound of Flesh and Still Kickin’” (B+)

It’s very interesting – and unsettling – to see the toll this new role is taking on Marty. Opening on him watching and hearing the blood being cleaned off the floor was unpleasant, but the ending showed how his newfound personality is exploding into the real world. Telling the angry driver that he could have him killed was less problematic than actually punching him and then not stopping until he had to be pulled off. It makes sense that Camila would be trying to sabotage Marty and Navarro, though everyone’s playing it so cool it’s hard to tell. Marty didn’t flinch when he got yelled at for having a bogus delivery seized when he wasn’t actually the one responsible for changing it out, Wendy is trying to butter Camila up, and Camila is acting like she’s on her brother’s side when she’s clearly planning to end his life after her first attempt was unsuccessful. While Wendy did manage to scare Claire into cooperation by introducing her to Camila, she’s not going to be ready for the legal fight that Ruth is bringing with her newly returned partner Rachel, played by the terrific Jordana Spiro. Jonah helped them greatly by getting them an illicit introduction to the right backer, and even though Marty is willing to hear Ruth out and negotiate with her, Wendy isn’t ready to give anything. With everything he’s learning, Nathan is beginning to lose hope, and that’s another loose thread the Byrdes will have trouble hiding. Mel also has definitive confirmation from Maya that it was Navarro who had Ben killed, which is dangerous information that could truly hurt the Byrdes if he doesn’t get killed for knowing it first.

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