Sunday, May 15, 2022

Round Two: Candy

Candy: Season 1, Episode 2 “Happy Wife, Happy Life” (B+)

I did wonder about Melanie Lynskey’s star billing given that her character met a very certain end by the closing scene of the series premiere, but it makes more sense now given that these episodes are entirely flashback-driven, with just a small tease of the post-death investigation in which Candy revealed that she “grabbed the axe.” The spotlight on Betty’s home life is fascinating, showing how she has a very particular perspective on the world, one that includes giving her entire class detention to root out the real perpetrator, and the alienation she felt by having to do so much around the house, even with a supportive husband like Allan. David’s presence put a stress on her patience, and I’m sure that having to move on from that fostering experience is only going to make her retreat more within herself. To complicate all of this, the departure of the pastor got Candy thinking intensely about the idea of having an affair, and she went ahead and acted on it by expressing her desire to do so to by telling Allan exactly what she wanted before kissing him. That makes the fact that Allan called Candy multiple times to share how concerned he was about Betty and her continued offers to go over there to check on her more suspicious, and even though this appears to be a crime of passion, Allan will likely be a suspect given the nature of his relationship with the woman who actually killed his wife.

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