Sunday, May 8, 2022

What I’m Watching: The Flight Attendant

The Flight Attendant: Season 2, Episode 5 “Drowning Women” (B+)

While this show is definitely all about an international conspiracy and a major frame job, it’s also about Cassie’s struggle with alcoholism, which has been portrayed in a different way in season two now that she’s acknowledging it and involved with AA. But this episode revealed that things haven’t been as good as she’s been letting on, with her decision to take a drink at Grace’s not the first time, something that she revealed to Brenda on the beach. It’s certainly been a rough time for her, blurting out that she slept with someone else to Marco, promptly ending that relationship, and the tag team of Carol and Jada being mean to her during the mandatory training wasn’t helpful at all. At least Shane is being nicer to her, even if she did out him as a CIA agent to his boyfriend. Grace also seems like a good support system for her when she needs something different from her normal life, but she should make her boundaries clear about drinking and also should not be telling her things that sound so absurd they couldn’t possibly be true (even though they are). I’m not sure her many drunken voicemails for Dot are going to reflect well on her and help with her continued employment at the CIA. Fresh from their brief captivity, Annie and Max are repairing their relationship through some light breaking and entering, and while I was worried they were going to get caught during their surveillance operation, it turns out that Esteban and Gabrielle are rather distractible. Megan tried to be very direct and demand what she wanted to get her lockbox back, but it turns out that sometimes the mushroom powder speaks louder than words.

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