Wednesday, May 4, 2022

What I’m Watching: Undone

Undone: Season 2, Episode 3 “Mexico” (B+)

I like that the focus of this show is increasingly shifting, with Jacob left behind to make multiple unanswered phone calls while Alma and Becca travel to Mexico in search of answers about their mother. We got to meet a few new people played by familiar performers, starting with Abuelita Fabiola, played by Renee Victor from “Weeds,” and Tia Monse, played by Ana Ortiz from “Ugly Betty.” There was also Padre Reyes, who was played by Santiago Cabrera from “Star Trek: Picard.” While Camila’s relationship with Reyes was certainly a scandal for her community, and Monse was very much involved because she passed coded notes between them, we got a peek at something less clear, which was Camila living away from home and apparently in sin after that, rejected rather brutally by her mother when she tracked her down. Becca’s ability to go into memories is extremely powerful and far more controllable at the moment than Alma’s powers, and she does get so overcome with emotion each time because she takes that on herself as part of the way that she transports them there. Alma doesn’t have to endure that and is therefore pushing Becca to keep going with it, and, as they’ve now reached that house from the painting, it appears to have taken a substantial toll on her. It’s not clear what they’re going to find if someone answers that door, but Alma is likely going to have to finally answer her father’s calls so that she can figure out the best way to help her sister.

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