Sunday, May 15, 2022

Take Three: Candy

Candy: Season 1, Episode 3 “Overkill” (B+)

While I would never even for a moment contemplate having an affair, the idea that you’re not allowed to develop feelings seems counterintuitive. That said, Candy and Allan weren’t really pretending that they were doing this for the sake of their own marriages, and in fact, Allan, who previously seemed like a good guy, was apparently so dishonest that he heard Betty confess her own affair and then didn’t share what he had been doing. Candy was very evidently jealous and quite condescending to Betty after she threw her a baby shower, putting down the idea of Marriage Encounter. It makes sense that she would see Betty as an obstacle to her happiness, even if she was the one who walked away from Allan rather than the other way around. The way that they figured out the logistics was amusingly matter-of-fact, and it speaks to considerable planning around the whole thing that only makes it more devious and hurtful. For as much as she didn’t do well socially, Betty did seem to have a good idea of what was happening even if she didn’t know why, like the fact that Allan had to be fulfilling his sexual needs somehow and that Candy didn’t like her for some unknown reason. Pat, on the other hand, is positively clueless, obsessed with going for a run and not even paying enough attention to reject his wife’s advances. We’re more than halfway through this series now and have only gotten a few clues as to how it all plays out, but there can’t be that much more time left before we get to that part.

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