Wednesday, May 4, 2022

What I’m Watching: Undone

Undone: Season 2, Episode 2 “The Painting” (B+)

It makes sense that Becca wouldn’t know exactly what to make of her powers since she didn’t have her father there to train her, although she did of course grow up with him alive, unlike the Alma we know, who had to learn from him showing up via time travel. She was just as disoriented as Alma when she kept falling through the fog, and she doesn’t seem particularly interesting in learning how to control what she can do. She was also unnerved by Alma’s success in triggering her abilities, playing the piano so that she would travel back in time to that memory. She’s going to be going through her own stuff now that Reed has left to get some space since he was sure she was lying about still taking birth control as he tells everyone who will listen that he can’t wait to have a baby. Alma didn’t say too much when Becca insisted that she would never cheat on Reed, but presumably this Becca wouldn’t. Alma got to have a reunion of her own with Sam, who in this timeline doesn’t know her but still congratulated her on being right based on something he doesn’t remember. The two sisters confronting their mother together went exceptionally poorly, and now she’s gone and Jacob is blaming Alma, who already said too much in his mind to Becca about where she and Jacob really come from and who will likely be the one who can fix this, though she may require help from the two of them.

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