Monday, May 16, 2022

What I’m Watching: The Flight Attendant

The Flight Attendant: Season 2, Episode 6 “Brothers and Sisters” (B+)

This was a powerhouse episode for Kaley Cuoco, though it’s sometimes difficult – and confusing – to remember that this show competes as a comedy series at awards shows. She did excellent dramatic work in this hour, confessing to Annie that she drank numerous times throughout the year, confronting her other selves in her increasingly terrifying imagined bar, and dealing with the disappointment and resentment coming from her mother. Sharon Stone had her own intense scene in which she very directly told Cassie she loved her but didn’t like her at all and then slapped her before leaving to go cry in her car, which Cassie barely had time to process since they were on the run within minutes after that. At least she and Davey got to bond, and now they’ll likely be closer even if he’s finally ready to go back home to deal with his own stuff. Cassie has a lot to wade through, namely that ominous phone call from Dot and the idea that maybe she can’t trust Benjamin, who showed up and had to deal with Annie at the door. Annie’s focus on her attempt to prove that she could cook meant that she didn’t notice Gabrielle breaking in to plant more evidence and leaving a knife on the counter, and Max should realize that all his time spent gathering data on the computer has resulted in him missing the important things that are going on around him in the real world. Megan’s reunion with her family wasn’t easy, and though she has people much more dangerous than the government hunting her, none of her options look good right now.

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