Monday, May 16, 2022

What I’m Watching: Home Economics

Home Economics: Season 2, Episode 21 “Book Deal, Terms Negotiable” (B+)

I’m never unhappy seeing Rhys Darby in a role of any sort, especially after I had the chance to interview him a few weeks ago for “Our Flag Means Death.” Tom getting multiple offers on his book did indeed merit a drum roll, though he wasn’t ultimately happy with Monroe’s non-negotiable stipulations that came with an extremely generous sum. While reshaping it to be called “The Lesbian’s Brother” and essentially writing him out of his own story might have seemed like the most egregious offenses, it was the fact that he wouldn’t get a physical copy that upset him most, and which Marina ultimately convinced him was a good enough reason to turn down the deal. I enjoyed seeing the predictable resentment that Denise, Sarah, and Connor felt at being thinly defined by a particular characteristic they did possess but didn’t want to freely admit was an element of their personality. Tom faking an earthquake to try to escape the awkwardness wasn’t terribly effective, but I like that Lupe offered to do it again later provided he was the one to clean it up. It looks like this is the last we’ll see of June Diane Raphael’s Lauren in this context after Connor suggested watching a limited series on the couch and she bolted, but I’d be happy to see her again, even if it’s in an adversarial context at school. Most importantly, this show has scored a season three renewal, which is excellent news, so we’ll get plenty more Hayworth comedy and drama!

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