Monday, May 16, 2022

What I’m Watching: The Flash

The Flash: Season 8, Episode 14 “Funeral for a Friend” (B)

It’s hard to get too emotionally attached to the departure of a character played by an actress who also portrays another character, and that’s even truer when Caitlin is intent on bringing Frost back to life. It did end up being a decent opportunity for the rest of Team Flash to look inwards and figure out what they needed in order to be okay saying goodbye. Barry went all-out building a snowman on top of Mount Everest and winning a hot dog eating contest, while the rest of the team chose more easily achievable goals that still honored her memory. Chester and Allegra fighting about whether hummus was a condiment (I’m not a fan in general, so I can’t offer a great opinion) was entertaining, and while a romance doesn’t appear to be in the cards in this timeline, they’re cementing the strength of their friendship, which is good. While everyone seemed to be in an okay place by the time the funeral actually happened, Caitlin obviously has not moved on, and even Mark seemed shocked by the idea that she wanted to bring her back. We haven’t seen anything about Taylor, Allegra’s nemesis, recently, but her attempt to undermine her colleague to Iris paled in comparison to the jarring disappearance of Iris, whose ability to stay rooted in the present seems to be fading quickly. She doesn’t seem intent on taking Iris down, but it’s worrisome enough that she’s gone, especially at this crucial moment where Team Flash is otherwise back on track.

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