Wednesday, May 4, 2022

What I’m Watching: Undone

Undone: Season 2, Episode 4 “Reflections” (B+)

Well, we have one mystery solved, and that’s the identity of Alejandro the painter. Rosario wasn’t just some sympathetic passerby for Alma when she was at the pyramids, but instead a very relevant and crucial part of her mother’s life. Becca finding a baby crying was a very trippy and unsettling experience, one that allowed her to navigate her own concerns about becoming a mother and grappling with her fractured relationship with Reed, who did call her even though she declined it, while, unbeknown to her at first, reliving the experiences of her own mother. Seeing and running through the mirrors to get to the crying baby was disorienting and worrisome, and it ultimately led her to the truth: that Camila had another baby there. Jacob also got to travel back to his memories in a different way, remembering his idyllic meeting when she wasn’t supposed to give him a tour but did anyway and both of them weren’t speaking to their families. Alma expressed that she didn’t think the Alma of this timeline was happy before she showed up, and Jacob took it a step further by assessing that him being alive may not actually be better than him being dead. At least that introspection is helpful for him being a productive part of fixing all this and not just saying that any more meddling will only cause further damage. I was reminded midway through this episode of how good its music is, helping to invite anyone watching down the dazzling rabbit hole.

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