Sunday, May 1, 2022

What I’m Watching: The Flash

The Flash: Season 8, Episode 12 “Death Rises” (B)

I think Allegra said it best when she described to Barry what it was like to see Esperanza, that she knew it wasn’t really her but it did feel real, and more importantly, she was able to return fire as if she had the same powers. This is all starting to feel somewhat cyclical but at least we know part of what’s happening, which is that Deathstorm wants to make Caitlin into his bride, prompting a chance to defeat him once and for all with Frost ready to lure him in. I’m starting to realizing more and more just how long this show’s seasons feel now that I can see that we’re only just past halfway through this one, with new episodes slated almost every week through the end of June. I remember feeling this way with “Supergirl” also, that it was stretched out very long in a way that most series I watch these days aren’t, leaving room for excessively drawn-out arcs and season-spanning big bads. With the other two Arrowverse shows I watch regularly, “Superman and Lois” and the tragically cancelled “Legends of Tomorrow,” each running between thirteen and fifteen episodes most seasons, I think this one could take a cue from them and have a tighter storyline going forward. I also think I’m more interested in what’s happening with Iris and with the chance to see Sue on screen more since she’s a great character who would likely be more prominent had it not been for the dismissal of Ralph.

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