Tuesday, May 10, 2022

What I’m Watching: Made for Love

Made for Love: Season 2, Episode 3 “Diane…We’re in Trouble” (B+)

I’m very happy to see that Fiffany and Herringbone are still around, even if they’re currently enduring something close to the seven circles of hell and finding respite in the ill-advised swag they were able to procure in between avoiding being mauled out in the desert. I’m not sure that they’ll soon be able to come into contact with any of the other characters, but we did get a major development in the form of Zelda talking to Jasper because she feels comfortable with him, something that even Hazel didn’t get. It’s probably not good for his newest and tallest employee to be so visible to Byron, but it also cements his job security, provided Byron doesn’t find out that he’s working with the FBI and that he’s having sex with his wife, two grave offenses. Herbert was able to quickly gain all the answers he needed from Bennett, whose sand tracking led to Byron coming to see him on the beach. While they may have struck their own deal, that may not matter anymore if Hazel succeeds in transmitting the message she’s supposed to when she gets to leave the Hub to go to the congressional hearing with Byron. Knowing how much he’s monitoring her and still refusing to tell her, it’s unlikely that she’ll be able to do anything without his knowledge, but she does have a comfort in the real world that he doesn’t which gives her a serious advantage out there that could give her the needed upper hand.

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