Monday, May 2, 2022

What I’m Watching: Julia

Julia: Season 1, Episode 7 “Foie Gras” (B+)

Ah, attending an event even though you’re very sick – hopefully something that’s going to be a thing of the past now two years into a global pandemic. Paul being laid up in bed and complaining nonstop was a great opportunity for comedy with Avis making multiple references to wanting to kill him and then rushing to clarify to the doctor that she wasn’t Paul’s mistress when he stormed out. But it was also yet another moment of unexpected dramatic connection that this show has delivered for its supporting characters, with Avis sharing with Paul why she wasn’t eager to go to the event. Paul’s retort of “Oh, you’ve died” to her saying that it just felt like he was dying was my favorite moment of that entertaining and ultimately endearing exchange. Julia, who tends to be rather unflappable, encountered a truly condescending French chef who started out by complimenting her before insulting her entire gender, and it was interesting to see how Judith went to advocate for Blanche to be kinder to her, which resulted in Blanche giving her a dressing-down of sorts that will make her consider the path she’s on currently with her career. Introducing her entire team by name was very sincere and genuine, and it was good to see Avis request to leave early to go meet her date and Russ step in to defend her when Betty Friedan talked down to her about what she was doing. The most heartwarming interaction of all was her ending scene with Fred Rogers, who didn’t introduce himself but made her feel perfectly comfortable when that’s what she needed most.

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