Sunday, May 1, 2022

What I’m Watching: The Flight Attendant

The Flight Attendant: Season 2, Episode 4 “Blue Sincerely Reunion” (B+)

What a fantastic way to welcome Miranda back, showing up, just like Cassie did for Megan, in an unexpected way but one that ended up being quite crucial given the eternally unhelpful volume and nature of Cassie’s ringtone. I love that she’s just part of the team now, and that the four women escaped together before Megan said goodbye to Charlie, who it turns out was helping her the whole time evade the people looking for her. It was funny to see Cecilia tell Miranda that she was betraying them because she got a better payday but then show up to express mild sympathy for her having been shot and bring her the drink she liked, which app apparently was not easy to find in Iceland. Now, Megan is back in the United States under a new identity, with only Brenda aware of her existence, which seems innocuous enough unless she’s been working Cassie from AA for a while now. It’s a relief that Annie and Max didn’t get too hurt, physically or emotionally, given what was threatened by their captors, and Annie’s ring being taken will just force them to confront whether it actually meant something or not. The fact that Esteban and Gabrielle didn’t kill them and just walked out the door was peculiar, though they’re after something different, which is no longer in Iceland but much closer than they think. In the middle of all this, rather than go to her boyfriend or her best friend, Cassie is choosing to get closer with Benjamin, a questionable decision well-represented by the complete collapse of her imaginary room.

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