Friday, May 6, 2022

What I’m Watching: Ozark (Penultimate Episode)

Ozark: Season 4, Episode 13 “Mud” (B+)

Opening with Ruth breaking ground on her massive construction job that includes two kitchens so she can have easier access to her beer was surely an ominous sign since it appears that her hostile takeover hasn't doomed Marty and Wendy but instead put her and Rachel directly in the crosshairs of the cartel. Ruth's conversation with Nathan at the motel was also foreboding, since what should have been a meeting of allies looking out for the best interests of Charlotte and Jonah's futures showed a very different and less kind side of Nathan. In an episode filled with bold moves, including Wendy sending a hitman to threaten Rachel at gunpoint, which did not have the intended effect, the biggest was surely the decision to read Camila in on everything so that they could position her to head the cartel with them safely back on the FBI's good side. Not being entirely honest in that exchange, however, was their undoing, since Navarro knew what was happening when Camila went to go see him and told her that he didn't kill Javi. It's hard to know how things are going to turn out in the final episode, but I have a feeling that no one is going to survive this or get a happy ending. The brief flash we saw at the beginning of the first half of this season indicated that the four Byrdes will at least be back together at some point, but how much more there is left in the story after that is a mystery.

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